Thailand kite surfing schools –Phuket with good wind all year around.

In Phuket we get the best wind for kite surfing in Thailand – and we have wind all year around! We offer the ultimate environment for kite surfing lessons in Thailand –flat water, wide swallow sandy beach, no speedboats jet skis or banana boats disturbing and a huge area for kite surfers. Add to that a lot of sun, the area in Thailand with the least amount of rain, white fine sand, pristine beaches, the clear waters of Thailand, a charming local village, several eco-attractions.

Kiteboarding School Phuket –The wind and the spot

Phuket is like an island, which means that it extends out into a body of water, thus having water on three sides which means lots of wind! In Phuket we don’t only enjoy the best and most consistent wind in Thailand, but also lagoons, flat and shallow water and no rocks. We teach only with new technology Cabrinha kites and nice harnesses and a board customized for our customers weight. Combine this and you have the perfect location to relax, kite and to learn how to kite board!

Kite surfing school and shop with equipment showroom

Our kite surfing schools are located near the air port Nai Yang and at Chalong. In our shops we stock many different kiteboarding brands. A few brands need mentioning are: Cabrinha, Airush, Ozone, North, F-one, Liquid force, Flexi foil, Mystic, Nobile and Naish to the best prices, world wide! If you can find our products cheaper anywhere else we will beat any price. We do this as a service to our customers. If you can’t find us on the beach the easiest way to get in contact is to give us a call: +66 (0)815914594, Bob – or send an e-mail: We are happy to assist you by answering any questions or if you need to book a kiteboarding course or accommodation.

Phuket the prime location for holiday making Thai people

Phuket has something for everyone; backpacker or royalty. It is no longer a sleepy fishing village, but home to several world-class resorts ranging from very affordable accommodation to super-luxurious retreats that are spread out far apart to retain privacy and exclusivity. Ultimately, what attracts people to this part of the country is the unparalleled sense of privacy.


Other than light snacks you can buy from beach vendors, your have many choices of restaurants that offer world class food. There are also many small Thai-style eateries that set up shop in some open areas along the beach. There are some fantastic seafood restaurants that can be found too.